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Vimeo Live

It’s a beautiful thing to live in the moment. And now, it’s seriously beautiful: the launch of Vimeo Live means that you can now get professional live streaming for all your events.

Vimeo Live offers creators and businesses a live option that lives up to the Vimeo standards – professional, high quality, stress-free, and simple.

Vimeo's Creative Team was tasked to create a marketing campaign that illustrated these unique benefits of our new live product. We needed to make a a campaign that’s flexible enough to have a consistent look and feel and tone of voice across many channels, all with the same takeaway: The quality you expect from Vimeo, only live.

As lead designer on the project I had the opportunity to art direct and lead the design efforts for the campaign. 





Brand Design
Art Direction
Web Design


Graham Douglas, Creative Director
Rachel Goldberg, Senior Copywriter


User Personas

We identified the most ideal use cases for Vimeo Live: webinars, concerts, conferences, lectures, and religious events. Each case was visually represented in the campaign and the imagery was used to target our outreach. 


Landing Page


Art Direction

We developed the look and feel of the campaign and a vibrant color palette for each of the five scenes. I had the idea to use simple colored boxes to represent a stage and flatly colored rooms that took an intense amount of trial and error for our lighting production team to perfect. Here's a look at the final moodboards and style guides that informed the art direction of the campaign.

Set, color, and lighting inspiration 

Set, color, and lighting inspiration 

Screenshot 2018-03-23 22.40.32.png

Behind the Scenes

A brief look behind the scenes of the shoot which happened all within a two day period.



Concept: Adam France, Rachel Goldberg
Creative Direction: Graham Douglas
Art Direction: Zack Davenport
Design: Zack Davenport
Lead Copywriter: Rachel Goldberg


Logos and iconography rendered in Illustrator. UI rendered in Sketch.


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